A spine & posture check is a great tool to assess your posture and pick out misalignments within your body which can lead to disorders such as back & neck pain, stiff joints and tight muscles. Our day to day lives tend to lead us into poor posture and misalignment which over time can lead to dysfunction within the body and an associated loss of function.

The spine check allows us to isolate any areas which are misaligned and hence could have a problem – remember, pain is usually the last sign of an underlying problem! You will be given a report to take home which presents these findings and also gives useful day to day tips to help correct any problems and improve your quality of life.


Headaches? Back Pain? Sports Injury? Aches, pains or muscle tension? A spine check is great for checking out whether Chiropractic is the best treatment for you!

The spine check is Free of Charge with no obligation. You will receive a report which you can take home, advice you can usefully apply into your daily life. All you need to do is allow us 15 minutes of your time!