Client Testimonials

"As a civil servant, I sit at my desk and use a computer for the majority of my working day and so over the years I had begun to suffer with back and shoulder pain.

Dr Isabelle Mesgian understood my problems from day one and set about my treatment with a great deal of care and professionalism. She explained that my work had led me to have a very bad posture and this, together with me compensating for the curvature, was causing the pain.

After my first treatment I couldn't believe the improvements to my physical and mental health. Over the next few days I noticed many of my usual ‘aches and pains’ had eased, and in particular the pain in my back and shoulder had all but disappeared.

Isabelle’s support and advice regarding exercise and self help have made a marked improvement on my posture. My spine is straighter and much more flexible. With every session I felt the benefit.

Isabelle is a warm, friendly and caring person whose passion for improving and maintaining health is unrivalled. There are simply not enough words to express my thanks and gratitude for the healing hands of my chiropractor.

I certainly would not hesitate to recommend anyone else I know to her, knowing with confidence she will endeavour to treat them in the same way."

Deepak Grover, Ruislip

"Having suffered a painful ligament strain while skiing on holiday it was suggested that I underwent surgery following my return to the UK. The thought of surgery scared me, I thought there had to be another option. A friend of mine mentioned they had visited Isabelle for a similar problem so I booked an appointment and gave it a go.

A year on, with the specialist care of my Chiropractor I am fully functional without surgery and able to carry on with my busy lifestyle unhindered!"

Lorna Tait, Estate Agent, Herts

"I actually first used the services of Isabelle when my horse had a back problem. Having seen the results achieved with him I realised I needed to get my long-term aches and pains resolved.

Since deciding to try Chiropractic I haven’t looked back! Myself and my horses have gone from strength to strength since choosing chiropractic and I would gladly recommend Isabelle as an expert in her field."

Sharon Taylor, BHSII Riding Instructor, Herts